Foodie&Tours Córdoba

Discover the secrets of Andalusian cuisine, under the guidance of our local expert and Córdoba guide Diego. Learn the recipes of classic dishes tasted on our Córdoba tours, everything from the dazzling array of tapas to sweets with Arabic origins.

How to Cook Salmorejo

Are you curious how to cook Salmorejo? Well, that is a question with many answers because each home in Cordoba develops their own unique family recipe! There is always a secret ingredient families will not share to anyone… it’s their personal touch that they believe makes it the best Salmorejo in the world! Usually the best Salmorejo’s are at local restaurants, run by just a couple of cooks who are passionate about Andalusian cuisine

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Where to Stay in Cordoba for Traveling Foodies

Córdoba is a charming city, and more often that not, hotels are the least of importance when traveling to spectacular Foodie destinations. So I understand, spending the day walking the streets, eating and enjoying all of the hidden gems in serene corners of Córdoba become more important when exploring a city. I want to offer to you some of the best options in Córdoba for resting your feet and simply taking in the beauty of places to stay!

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What to do in Cordoba for Foodies

Does reading the title of this post already interest you? If so, you are probably a Foodie and interested in traveling to destinations in Spain in search of authentic food. Cordoba is an amazing city to start. This city offers so much to traveling Foodies who are ready to try Andalusian inspired dishes.

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How to Eat Like a Local in Cordoba

Looking for where to go in Cordoba on your next trip there? To eat like a local in my city, you actually do not have to go very far from the Mosque of Cordoba, one of the most touristy areas. You just need to know where to eat. To learn some tips, check out the following tips and recommendations on where to go in Cordoba.

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Vegetarian Food Guide to Cordoba

Are you a vegetarian or vegan looking for a place to eat out in Cordoba? Are you tired of going to those typical places, where there is only one boring vegetable-based snack? Read on to find out more about best vegetarian and vegan restaurants of Cordoba and make sure you never have to eat at the same place again.

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5 Fascinating History Tours in Cordoba

When you visit Cordoba with Foodie&Tours, you are not only visiting one of the top culinary cities in Spain, with recipes as rich and delicious as Mazamorra, you are also visiting a city full of history. Here is a brief description of what to expect on our 5 fascinating history tours, some of the best things to do in Cordoba Spain.

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Top 9 Best Dishes of Cordoba

On holiday in Cordoba? Prepare to enjoy, in addition to the wonderful monuments of the city, traditional Cordoba cuisine. The city offers unrivaled dishes at very reasonable prices. Classic Cordoban dishes are prepared with simple, very local products and raw materials, combined in peculiar ways with a touch of spice from different cultural influences. Food is the perfect excuse to spend several days in the city!

And above all else I recommend to travelers the following Top 9 Best Dishes of Cordoba!

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Meet Diego Gil, Ambassador and Lead Guide at Foodie&Tours Cordoba

Please tell us about yourself. Where does your passion for cuisine come from?

My passion for food came to me during my childhood, on vacations spent at my grandmother’s house in the village. It wasn’t until I grew up that I realized that those afternoons in the kitchen helping her make homemade desserts, meat pies and empanadillas were among my happiest. These moments came from me wanting to share time with family and to eat together when these foods were cooked.

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Taking a Bite of Cordovan History

Taking a bite of history is precisely what we do when indulging in a traditional recipe of Cordoba in one of the city’s famous taverns, some over 55 years old. Some of my favourites include “El Caballo Rojo” and one-Michelin-star “Noor,” run by chef Paco Morales.

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