About Us

Discover the fascinating history and vibrant culture of Córdoba through the carefully crafted culinary experiences of Foodie&Tours Córdoba. We save gourmet travellers precious time browsing through endless tour options by providing a curated collection of the city’s most authentic and memorable dining experiences.

Our offer includes a wide array of food and wine activities to perfectly match your palette and preferences: guided market visits with tastings, wine degustations, neighborhood food tours, cooking classes, hosted dining experiences and culinary excursions to the countryside. We focus on seasonal, sustainably grown or raised, kilometer-0 products that you won’t find anywhere else and that truly represent the city.

Take a food tour of the city center and try boquerones en vinagre (pickled anchovies) drizzled with top quality local olive oil. Your guide will point out the most popular Cordoban snack, Flamenquín de Jamón Serrano (Serrano ham and pork roll, breaded, fried and served with French fries). Learn how to make the classic Cordoban salmorejo (a thick, creamy, chilled tomato soup), or enjoy a home cooked meal of rabo de toro (rich oxtail stewed with vegetables and wine) at a cozy local home. Your guide will share fascinating stories about local cuisine, such as how Arabic influence is reflected in traditional cakes and desserts. Visit a local bakery to try alfajores, pestiños or a delicious pastel cordobés (puff pastry filled with candied pumpkin strings). Or, spend the evening tapas-hopping with Foodie&Tours Córdoba Manager Diego Gil Cabrera, a Córdoba local and passionate foodie with special expertise in Andalusian cuisine.

Foodie&Tours Córdoba is your local guide to the best culinary experiences in Andalusia's medieval gem. Avoid the crowded tourist traps and join us to discover authentic foodie hangouts off the beaten path.

The team

Diego & Tiago

Diego left his native city of Córdoba at the age of 18 to travel and gain international experience, working in over 12 different cities in Spain and Europe. He returned to his hometown at the age of 27, passionate about the hotel industry. An open-minded and friendly Spaniard with a big appetite, Diego will give you an inside look at the ancient culinary traditions of historical Córdoba through an authentic, local experience you won’t find anywhere else. Tiago, I think nobody calls him Santiago anymore, he was born 26 years ago in Córdoba. Always with a special pride for his land, he decided to study to become a tour guide, and he hopes some day to be a teacher, that why he still studying while he leaves his job as a guide and small foodie expert. His knowledge about Córdoba is comparable to his curiosity, because he will also want to know about your culture. A fun and open-minded tourist guide who will show you Córdoba in the most pleasant way.